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The photo below was found on Tumblr and also on Facebook.  It is a picture of a veteran dog who is at the grave of his owner who was killed in combat.

The love and loyalty that dogs feel towards their owners is something truly incredible, and while some may acknowledge its presence, this connection and bond is arguably best understood by anyone who has ever owned any kind of pet.  Just as dogs are lucky to have owners who love and care for them, owners are very lucky to have a best friend who will remain loyal and loving through anything.

For more information, click on the photo, or go to the Facebook page for the memory of Sgt. Adam Cann.

And thank you to all of our soldiers (both human and canine) for the sacrifices you have made and all that you continue to do for us.


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Sidney’s glare says it all.  She is not impressed, and might even be a bit suspicious of something you’re doing.

Taken in the garden patio behind Sidney’s owner’s apartment, by the talented Laura, we knew this had to be our photo of the week.

And from Amanda, our manager: “Sidney is a rescue from the Bronx and she’s a Union Square Dog Walker favorite!”

So, if you needed another reason to adopt a dog from a shelter/rescue, just look at the picture above.

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Courtesy of KrazyPic.com.

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This is Winston.  There isn’t really too much to say here, honestly.  The photo says it all.

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Dogs: 1 People: 0


But really, is there a reason to question how intelligent dogs are?  I mean, look at this.

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