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One of our employee’s dogs hiding from fireworks last year. Or, trying to hide, anyway.

This is your dog afraid.

This is your dog afraid of…

…cue scary music…


In all seriousness, this is one of Union Square Dog Walker’s very own dogs hiding under a piano bench to get away from the fireworks he heard last Fourth of July.With Independence Day quickly approaching, your dog’s reaction and possible fear of fireworks may not be on top of the list of things your concerned about.  Everyone knows that the real concerns involve where to go, what to eat, and what to drink.  So when Pedigree posted an article on keeping your four-legged friend content while fireworks explode outside, we knew we wanted to help spread the word.

Still trying to get away from the scary fireworks…

There are a few options for keeping your buddy happy.  First, there is the option of slowly acclimating your dog to the noise.  Pedigree recommends going onto your favorite video site (YouTube…obviously) and finding videos of fireworks to play around your dog.  With the volume turned up, stay calm and cheerful, and make the overall experience for your dog positive.  Everyone knows that treats make everything better, so perhaps some sort of indulgence for your dog will help keep the experience positive.

Okay, okay.  Fine.  You can indulge in some kind of treat as well.

The idea about keeping an overall positive attitude should carry over to when the actual fireworks occur; dogs can pick up on whether you’re nervous or scared, and if you pass on these emotions, it’s likely your dog will too.

Finally, Pedigree recommends anything that is supposed to quell anxiety, such as a Thundershirt or AnxietyWrap.

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We can’t say whether swaddling your dog will be beneficial, but we can’t see it doing any harm, either.  And it obviously makes for some great pictures.

Whatever you end up doing this holiday, please don’t forget about your dog’s needs!  Whether that involves swaddling your dog or playing YouTube videos on repeat for a week beforehand, take some extra time to make sure that your dog is happy.  And no matter what you choose to do, please be safe!

From all of us at Union Square Dog Walker…

Happy Fourth of July!


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Can you believe it’s already Memorial Day weekend?

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While the rain has been persistent all week, it’s looking like it’s going to be a great weekend to be out and about in the city.

Here are some dog-friendly events happening this holiday weekend in the city:

Fleet Week
New York’s Fleet Week has been running all week but it’s not too late to check it out (especially if men in uniform is your thing).  All weekend long there will be displays and demonstrations occurring all over the city.  Check out the Fleet Week website for more information.

Additionally, if you’re looking for the best way to dress your dog for Fleet Week, we’ve got your covered.

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Memorial Day Parades
There are parades all over the city on Monday, May 28th.  Manhattan has its parade uptown, Queens is hosting it’s 74th annual parade, and Brooklyn will be hosting its 145th annual parade!  Not only are parades a great excuse to eat delicious street food, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to take your dog out to explore the city and meet some new friends.  See the city calendar for more information on the parades you can find throughout the city.

Memorial Day Barbecues
We’re not necessarily telling you to show up uninvited to a holiday barbecue, but honestly, if the food is good, we aren’t going to judge you for it.  That being said, whether you are invited or not, find out if dogs are welcome, and if so, bring your pup along for a day of food and relaxation.

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On a more serious note, no matter what you end up doing this Memorial Day weekend, please enjoy the holiday responsibly.  Your dog will be most appreciative!  From all of us at Union Square Dog Walker, have a fun (and safe!) weekend!

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