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Forever one of our favorite photos. After being forced to take a bath, here is Baxter, sulking by himself in his crate.

#FirstWorldDogProblems maybe?

Thanks for the photo, Amanda!


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This week’s photo is of Atticus and Lily.  Two best friends just sitting in the park, getting some sun, and enjoying each other’s company.

This photo was taken by our awesome dog walker Laura.  Check out her Facebook page here!

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Sidney’s glare says it all.  She is not impressed, and might even be a bit suspicious of something you’re doing.

Taken in the garden patio behind Sidney’s owner’s apartment, by the talented Laura, we knew this had to be our photo of the week.

And from Amanda, our manager: “Sidney is a rescue from the Bronx and she’s a Union Square Dog Walker favorite!”

So, if you needed another reason to adopt a dog from a shelter/rescue, just look at the picture above.

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This is a photo of Maggie, a 5 1/2 month Golden Doodle, taken just after jumping in the pool and realizing how effective it is at cooling her off.

Feel free to check out more of our dog’s at Laura’s Facebook page, Dogs of New York.  Union Square Dog Walker is lucky to have such a talented and passionate photographer!

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This is Winston.  There isn’t really too much to say here, honestly.  The photo says it all.

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This week’s photo is of Max.  He’s really enjoying the June sun and wanted to sport something that closely mimics it.  Max is always one to wear his best…and it doesn’t hurt that he looks good in everything!

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This week’s photo is of Lady Bug.  Naturally, because she is such a cool dog, she is rocking a feather extension (a trend that is so popular right now, a basic search on Google yields more than 7 million results).

Lookin’ good Lady Bug.  Stay classy.

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