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Additional information about summer safety for your pet. Please read and share!

Broadway Barks

Summertime has definitely arrived with temperatures across the United States soaring well into the nineties and above! And while summer sun means fun for you, the heat can spell danger for your dog. Broadway Barks researched and compiled the best summertime care and safety tips to help keep your dogs safe and happy this summer season.

Stay Indoors, and NEVER Leave a Dog in a Parked Car

Dogs are not efficient when it comes to keeping cool. Dogs do not sweat or perspire, so the only way they can keep themselves cool is through panting and dispelling heat through the pads of their feet. Drinking water and laying in the shade helps to cool them, but it is best if they are kept indoors in an air-conditioned environment. And for you joggers out there, remember that your dog may not be able to cool itself in high heat and…

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